How to combine separated FLV video into one?

As known, a lot of online video download are segmented FLV videos, so inevitably people one by one to watch does not look smooth, then how to connect multiple FLV video files into one video file, and does not need any conversion to other formats, direct merger, fast yet. AllPepole Video Merger is particularly suitable for processing each FLV video segments downloaded from the website.

The software uses system codecs and comes with a variety of excellent codec, the merger will not only support FLV format, but also will be combined with other various popular formats, but also with video editing, subtitling load, watermarks superposition various editing functions.

AllPepole Video Merger operation method is very simple, just three simple steps to complete the merger of all videos. First, add the video, the video will be ready to add to the software, you can add one by one, you can also add bulk. Before you add video recommendations, according to the order of adding video merge, or rename the video sequence, the video after the completion of the merger to facilitate orderly. Second, add text or watermark. Click on the video to preview, add personalized text, free to adjust the size, color and position of the text. Third, select the output path and start merge. Before merger the video, select the path you want to save, in order to easily and quickly find the video after the completion of the merger. Then click on the merger, patiently waiting for a complete video baked it.

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How to add background music for pictures video

For people who often travel out, inside computers, mobile phones and cameras, there are a lot photos. Every time you need to find the corresponding photo will need to spend a good long time. And photographs or original photographs, looking more often, they will no freshness. So how can you increase the dynamic of these photos it?

We can create an image composite video, that is, we often say that the picture made into a video, in order to make the effect more personalized, we can provide video accompanied by background music, photo effects, text, and so on. Let me tell you create an image composite video. Images in the production process, we need the help of the relevant video merge software can be achieved. Here recommend My Merger, provided by AllPepole. The software focuses on high-quality results, but also seeks to simplify the operation, everyone is a merger with video production software, so even if you’re still a novice can get started quickly create beautiful video! Specific operations are as follows:

First import pictures:

After opening the video joiner tool, you can see that it has three blank region, corresponding to the video area, the picture area, the audio area. We need to add a picture, that picture area click on the “+” button to add our picture. Of course, if the picture a lot, you can directly import the appropriate folder, or bulk import pictures.

Choose colorful picture effects:

On the right side of the user interface, you can see a lot of picture animation. Combine scenes, select your favorite picture effects for different picture. If the pursuit of fast, you do not carry out effects settings, the software will default random effects.

Insert background music:

Download their favorite songs from the Internet, in the audio area click on the “+” button to add music to video. Click on “T”, the video can also add marquee.

Insert video, make video production more dynamic:

A powerful video production software, of course, is not limited to adding photos, music and other elements, this software also provides insert video capabilities, we can according to their preferences, will usually shot or the Internet to download the video insert which can be used as perfect interactive video titles can also be inserted directly through inter photo, achieve photo and video presentation.

You can download AllPepole video merger at Appstore:

With video merger, you can create a vivid video files

Now popular network video, we can browse to the various video fragments, you’ll find out most of them are not by the video camera or mobile phone to record! But many photos together, that how to use pictures to make video clips? In today’s information era, almost all digital devices can support photographs, so our mobile phone, camera or computer often stores a lot of beautiful photos. Combine those photos recording unruly youth photos into video to memory will become our most unique way.

In fact, the production of such video is not difficult, we only need to use the relevant images into video tools can be. I usually use the My Merger. This software is very simple operation, clear interface; all operations can be done in an interface. And you can also add subtitles for video, is a good video production tools. Use the video production software, the images into video only three steps can be completed.

We need to add pictures to merge list. Note, this is a can combine video, pictures and music software; add different file types to different merge list. We need to add the picture over there, what picture list is on the top right of the interface, click the “+” button, select the add pictures. One can add multiple pictures.

Then select the need to merge the image file. When the upper right corner of the picture show “V”, said the picture has been selected. The next step could be merged images.

The video file is not only a picture of sound, is somewhat monotonous, not attractive. So, we can also add background music for the video. In accordance with the merger or the picture, add with music scene, click to merge.

So we will produce a hit off video file. We can also make our own video uploaded to the Internet, and friends together to share the results of our work.

Video production, never so simple

I thought the video files can be complex and require similar NLE software or other video processing software can be combined, including long ago I downloaded some FLV files, wanted to merge, but estimates are too complex to give up. Today, finishing old files inside the computer, found that many travel photos quietly lying there, on a whim, want to put these photos into a video, in addition to the music I like. Out of curiosity, had to consult the relevant information, the result let me beat all the simple. Only need to download a pictures, music and video merger software can easily achieve.

Taking My Merger provided by AllPepole as an example here. This is a very simple operation software, almost all of the interface in a complete. Supported file types include video files, music files and image files, and different types of files to add in different regions to achieve. We can now picture according to the order of the merger, the merged file will be automatically displayed on the video file to the last. And then through the audio interface to add a button, as the video album with a beautiful music, pictures or silent show, many lost color, you can choose to MP3 format audio or video in MP4 format as background music.

Then add background music is complete, click the OK button to return to the main interface of software. You can now click on the “Merge” button, and then start with video and music, in the process of merging we can surf on the Internet to do something else, wait for the video album released.

When the video joiner showed that the merger is successful, you can see the output directory video album, and our video album was 100% successful, click video watch video album effects! Of course, made in the above effect, you can also directly to the pictures and music together, also can add video to try it!

How to use of the PPT to make video

Today is the information age, digital equipment, almost all of the pictures so we can support, mobile phone, camera or computer to store a lot of beautiful pictures, some pictures of friends, and some may be in daily life as well, or is the art of shooting photos. Will those records unruly youth photo, video, we leave the memories will become the most unique way. So how to use these photos to create beautiful video

Usually the computer comes with Office software, if not can also download and install directly. First, we need to use PowerPoint to produce a PPT exquisite album, open a blank PPT document, the “insert”, “album”, to make video photos all into the PPT.

After the photos into PPT blank document, because the photo size is different, so some PPT page there will be a large gap, affecting the appearance. At this point we need to choose a beautiful background image for the PPT album, can be static or dynamic. Click the slide blank the page, then select the background formatting, the background image is inserted into the PPT album.

Next we need to beautify the picture, click to select the photo, and then drag the picture zoom or rotate around the point on the photo, the photo is beautiful in the slide balance page, then you can also choose to “picture” for the photo to add borders or special effects.

We use the “switch” to set the animation effects, in order to select each slide, and then in the “switch” to choose a satisfactory “switching”, is very simple!

After the animation is finished, you can save PPT album, but this time the PPT album is not video album, because it is only in the form of PPT documents, want to PPT album for video requires auxiliary tool. We can download screen recording software, automatic playing slide, slide can be converted into video format.

In general, the use of auxiliary tools that need more, and made the video has no sound, the easiest way is to use video joiner, not only can create beautiful video picture, can also be for video dubbing, subtitles. The specific operation, please visit

Music Master – produce their own songs

Music is our hobby, drinking coffee, listening to music is a very pleasant thing. Walking in the street, especially some evening entertainment, there is always fragmented hear some songs skewers, whichever is to the best parts of different songs strung together combine to make people hear different styles over time , different kinds of songs, similar to the previous medley. But now we are playing, music can yakitori, skewers video is the same thing naturally born, accompanied by timely music, develop their imagination, presumably is a cool heart pleasing video.

Every time I hear skewers music, see videos united, have an impulse to imagine would be like to do it by myself, suddenly worried that i will not do it. In fact, video or music from their principles are combined in different places, just need to use video merger software can be achieved.

Methods and steps:

1, video merge, that is the essence of the individual and the interception of a video synthesis of a new video, merge video files requires appropriate tools, installed after the top left click on the software interface Add Video button, hold down the ctrl key to select multiple video files, you can quickly merge video will need a key added.

2, the videos are added to merge came after. AllPepole screen provides software can merge video, music and pictures. In the right software interface, you can set the picture animation; below the file preview window you can add subtitles. The video merging software synthesis default video file formats to MP4 format.

3, the parameters of the output video is set up you can begin to merge video, and click on the bottom right of the software interface “Merge” button, note that this button to be acknowledged before the point of merging video list in front of the box is ticked.

4, using the above method starts merge video, where software integrated video default name is the name of the combined list of the last video file if you need to change name after revision, the need to wait until the merger. But if you need to modify the storage path, you need to select the desired storage location before the merger. Video joiner speed varies depending on the video file size.

Mike Memorial Video Production

One of the classic dance space steps is Michael Jackson, to create the space step is in a cold winter, because Michael go out in the wind, the road slippery, so blown back, but people still maintain a forward position. This caused a lot of people watching, Michael discovered the details of its artistic effect, thereby creating a space. Michael Jackson is a world famous singer, songwriter, American dancer, performer, musician, philanthropist, humanitarian, peace activist, founder of the charity. Through the stage and video performances, Jackson spread like mechanical dance and the moonwalk dance technology. The two Jackson was inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame in his life, Glamor won 13 awards and 26 American music awards. In his solo career, he has 13 USA singles champion. In 2000 the Guinness book of world records certified he supported 39 charities.

video combiner

Even if Michael Jackson left the world in 2009, but he will always remain in the hearts of the people. Each year, the world will hold a concert in memory of Michael Jackson. As a common expression of his followers, our team we can’t miss the concert, but we can still choose to commemorate him on our way. The production of electronic book for him is a good choice. Every year in June, the Internet will spread his video as a souvenir. So I will tell you how to make album?

Short video we can collect some Michael Jackson, or you like most about his pictures, and then coupled with beautiful music, video can be produced to commemorate. And the manufacture is simple, just three steps to complete the.

First of all, you need to download a video combiner auxiliary tool. Provided by the AllPepole My Merger is good video merger software. Download:, you can download the APPStore version of Mac:

Https:// Mt=12

Then add the need to merge the videos, pictures and music. In the lower right corner of the interface can be sorted to different types of files. At the same time, can also add subtitles for video. Finally click merge can complete all production. With the completion of the video will show add region in the video, click on the video can be watched with effect? The video joiner is easy to use, you should have a try.