How to combine separated FLV video into one?

As known, a lot of online video download are segmented FLV videos, so inevitably people one by one to watch does not look smooth, then how to connect multiple FLV video files into one video file, and does not need any conversion to other formats, direct merger, fast yet. AllPepole Video Merger is particularly suitable for processing each FLV video segments downloaded from the website.

The software uses system codecs and comes with a variety of excellent codec, the merger will not only support FLV format, but also will be combined with other various popular formats, but also with video editing, subtitling load, watermarks superposition various editing functions.

AllPepole Video Merger operation method is very simple, just three simple steps to complete the merger of all videos. First, add the video, the video will be ready to add to the software, you can add one by one, you can also add bulk. Before you add video recommendations, according to the order of adding video merge, or rename the video sequence, the video after the completion of the merger to facilitate orderly. Second, add text or watermark. Click on the video to preview, add personalized text, free to adjust the size, color and position of the text. Third, select the output path and start merge. Before merger the video, select the path you want to save, in order to easily and quickly find the video after the completion of the merger. Then click on the merger, patiently waiting for a complete video baked it.

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Merge images and audio into one video file freely

In today’s information era, almost all digital devices can support photographs, so our mobile phone, camera or computer often stores a lot of beautiful photos, some friends photos, some may be in daily life, or carefully photographed art photos. Will those records unruly youth photos video, we leave the memories will become the most unique way. How to make use of video pictures, as the new users, a simple and exquisite degree of software is essential to ensure! Open the AllPepole video merger, through the “add photos” button; we can put all the photos into the software. Click on the picture, preview, when in the process of previewing, we can add text or description on the picture, drag the position of text etc..

Silent pictures showing may lost the number of color, it is a video album with beautiful music, can choose any audio format as background music. Click to add audio, audio software according to the length of time to automatically match the picture display time, then add background music, select the output path, easy to see after the completion of the merger. After the completion, click on the Merger, with about a few minutes, in the process, we can do something else on the Internet, wait for the video album merged.

When AllPepole video merger showed that the conversion is successful, will pop up a dialog box prompts you to preview, please click on the video to watch the video album effect!

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Data transfer between mobile phones

Often encounter a friend, you need to put some documents saved in your phone, then use fragmented time to read. Sometimes you need to send the phone pictures to a computer for editing, which requires the solution of cell phones and computers to transfer files. Here are some ways to achieve, and I hope to help everyone.

1, the use of desktop applications

It is most familiar is the mutual transfer files via Email this way, almost everyone can use. Files from a device, and then downloaded to another device inside. You can also use Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and other who provide data storage services to transmit data to each other. Even without software and using the Web client applications, data transfer between different devices.

2, if notepad , you can use Google Keep

When sending notepad content, use the “Google Keep” is the most convenient and simple. On Google Keep records directly, copy, paste, you can immediately able to live another device viewed.

This is a method to transfer phone data to a computer, so when we need more data transfer between mobile phones, after all, the electronic product updates at an alarming rate, we replace the phone’s frequency becomes higher. Here also describes three mobile data transmission method.

1, the use of mobile phones Bluetooth implement mobile data transmission

Bluetooth is the most basic function of each unit can have phones, it also provides facilities for the transmission of our mobile phone data. Only in a certain space, to achieve pairing two phones, you can transfer phone data. But it is worth noting that Bluetooth data transmission is only suitable for small fragmented file transfer.

2, the use of computers to achieve mobile data transmission

You can begin transmitting phone files and saved in the computer, and then copied to another phone. Although this operation is too much trouble, but it would be a method.

3, using the book data transfer tool

If you think that will copy the files to your computer and then copy it to the phone too much trouble, then use the mobile data transfer tool, you can use your phone files directly to another phone, no computer backup. This operation will be more convenient and faster.

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How to add background music for pictures video

For people who often travel out, inside computers, mobile phones and cameras, there are a lot photos. Every time you need to find the corresponding photo will need to spend a good long time. And photographs or original photographs, looking more often, they will no freshness. So how can you increase the dynamic of these photos it?

We can create an image composite video, that is, we often say that the picture made into a video, in order to make the effect more personalized, we can provide video accompanied by background music, photo effects, text, and so on. Let me tell you create an image composite video. Images in the production process, we need the help of the relevant video merge software can be achieved. Here recommend My Merger, provided by AllPepole. The software focuses on high-quality results, but also seeks to simplify the operation, everyone is a merger with video production software, so even if you’re still a novice can get started quickly create beautiful video! Specific operations are as follows:

First import pictures:

After opening the video joiner tool, you can see that it has three blank region, corresponding to the video area, the picture area, the audio area. We need to add a picture, that picture area click on the “+” button to add our picture. Of course, if the picture a lot, you can directly import the appropriate folder, or bulk import pictures.

Choose colorful picture effects:

On the right side of the user interface, you can see a lot of picture animation. Combine scenes, select your favorite picture effects for different picture. If the pursuit of fast, you do not carry out effects settings, the software will default random effects.

Insert background music:

Download their favorite songs from the Internet, in the audio area click on the “+” button to add music to video. Click on “T”, the video can also add marquee.

Insert video, make video production more dynamic:

A powerful video production software, of course, is not limited to adding photos, music and other elements, this software also provides insert video capabilities, we can according to their preferences, will usually shot or the Internet to download the video insert which can be used as perfect interactive video titles can also be inserted directly through inter photo, achieve photo and video presentation.

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AllPepole video merge let you merge different video freely

We all know that the use of the Kodak Z981 digital camera shooting video format default to MOV, and then when the one-time shoot a lot of video clips, we want to join these clips together. Try to search a nice video joiner software on the Internet, but tried a lot of software, the clarity of the video merger is very low, and less supported formats. AllPepole video merger to help you solve the problem with merging video, support all video, audio and picture format, simple operation, and is absolutely your perfect solution.

Ready for software and video files (any format), open the AllPepole video merger to begin operations. Please read the specific operation:

In the merger interface, click on the bottom left of the “add video” button, the need to merge videos are added into the software. Add the file will be displayed in the list of files on software. Select a video file, on the left of the preview window can show the preview. In fact, there is a fast playing skill, just double-click on the video file, you can play.

In the video preview process, you can click pause, simple editing of video, such as adding tags and text description, etc…Edit video, select the need to merge video, and then select the save path, the system will automatically generate a name, of course, after the completion of the merger, find the save path, select the file, click F2 to rename.

It is not very simple? Why not have free trials? At present, AllPepole video merger not only supports the Windows version, Mac version also supported, but also can be downloaded and purchased at Mac APP Store.

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Merge pictures, videos and audio into one file freely

Each person’s computer always kept a lot of movie files, or someone will want to merge a series of movie files together, form a wonderful film collection, so can better organize their own video files. Also there are a lot of people collected a lot of pictures, such as tourism photos, family life pictures, ordinary pictures and so on, merge them together, making a wonderful electronic album, does it right make people more memorable? There is a lot of friends love music, mobile phone or computer is everywhere in the format of the song, every time to open different music player, so why don’t we join them together, made a different string songs? Today I will introduce a video joiner tool,not only can merge videos, but also can merge images and audio which name is My Merger, which has the advantages of simple operation steps, easy steps can be done.

The software features:

1, support to merge between all the different video formats, such as 3GP merged with MP4, FLV merged with MPEG.

2, support to merge all the different picture formats, such as JPG merged with BMP, JPEG merged with GIF, JPG merged with PNG, etc.

3, support to merge all the different audio formats, such as AIF merged with AU, CMF merged with MID, MP3 merged with PCM etc.

4, support to mixed merge different picture formats and different formats of audio and video, such as video formats of WMV, VOB, 3GP, FLV, MP4, JPG and other image formats of BMP, JPEG, GIF, MP3, PNG etc., and other audio formats of PCM, RAM, RMI, VQF, VOC, WAV etc..

5, the final default format after the success of merger is MP4, which is supported by all media player.

This video merger software is user-friendly; you can accord your own preferences free select the merged file type, easy to merge; multiple videos, pictures and  audio instantly merged into a complete MP4 file, to achieve video wonderful show constantly.

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With video merger, you can create a vivid video files

Now popular network video, we can browse to the various video fragments, you’ll find out most of them are not by the video camera or mobile phone to record! But many photos together, that how to use pictures to make video clips? In today’s information era, almost all digital devices can support photographs, so our mobile phone, camera or computer often stores a lot of beautiful photos. Combine those photos recording unruly youth photos into video to memory will become our most unique way.

In fact, the production of such video is not difficult, we only need to use the relevant images into video tools can be. I usually use the My Merger. This software is very simple operation, clear interface; all operations can be done in an interface. And you can also add subtitles for video, is a good video production tools. Use the video production software, the images into video only three steps can be completed.

We need to add pictures to merge list. Note, this is a can combine video, pictures and music software; add different file types to different merge list. We need to add the picture over there, what picture list is on the top right of the interface, click the “+” button, select the add pictures. One can add multiple pictures.

Then select the need to merge the image file. When the upper right corner of the picture show “V”, said the picture has been selected. The next step could be merged images.

The video file is not only a picture of sound, is somewhat monotonous, not attractive. So, we can also add background music for the video. In accordance with the merger or the picture, add with music scene, click to merge.

So we will produce a hit off video file. We can also make our own video uploaded to the Internet, and friends together to share the results of our work.