Data transfer between mobile phones

Often encounter a friend, you need to put some documents saved in your phone, then use fragmented time to read. Sometimes you need to send the phone pictures to a computer for editing, which requires the solution of cell phones and computers to transfer files. Here are some ways to achieve, and I hope to help everyone.

1, the use of desktop applications

It is most familiar is the mutual transfer files via Email this way, almost everyone can use. Files from a device, and then downloaded to another device inside. You can also use Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and other who provide data storage services to transmit data to each other. Even without software and using the Web client applications, data transfer between different devices.

2, if notepad , you can use Google Keep

When sending notepad content, use the “Google Keep” is the most convenient and simple. On Google Keep records directly, copy, paste, you can immediately able to live another device viewed.

This is a method to transfer phone data to a computer, so when we need more data transfer between mobile phones, after all, the electronic product updates at an alarming rate, we replace the phone’s frequency becomes higher. Here also describes three mobile data transmission method.

1, the use of mobile phones Bluetooth implement mobile data transmission

Bluetooth is the most basic function of each unit can have phones, it also provides facilities for the transmission of our mobile phone data. Only in a certain space, to achieve pairing two phones, you can transfer phone data. But it is worth noting that Bluetooth data transmission is only suitable for small fragmented file transfer.

2, the use of computers to achieve mobile data transmission

You can begin transmitting phone files and saved in the computer, and then copied to another phone. Although this operation is too much trouble, but it would be a method.

3, using the book data transfer tool

If you think that will copy the files to your computer and then copy it to the phone too much trouble, then use the mobile data transfer tool, you can use your phone files directly to another phone, no computer backup. This operation will be more convenient and faster.

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