How to add background music for pictures video

For people who often travel out, inside computers, mobile phones and cameras, there are a lot photos. Every time you need to find the corresponding photo will need to spend a good long time. And photographs or original photographs, looking more often, they will no freshness. So how can you increase the dynamic of these photos it?

We can create an image composite video, that is, we often say that the picture made into a video, in order to make the effect more personalized, we can provide video accompanied by background music, photo effects, text, and so on. Let me tell you create an image composite video. Images in the production process, we need the help of the relevant video merge software can be achieved. Here recommend My Merger, provided by AllPepole. The software focuses on high-quality results, but also seeks to simplify the operation, everyone is a merger with video production software, so even if you’re still a novice can get started quickly create beautiful video! Specific operations are as follows:

First import pictures:

After opening the video joiner tool, you can see that it has three blank region, corresponding to the video area, the picture area, the audio area. We need to add a picture, that picture area click on the “+” button to add our picture. Of course, if the picture a lot, you can directly import the appropriate folder, or bulk import pictures.

Choose colorful picture effects:

On the right side of the user interface, you can see a lot of picture animation. Combine scenes, select your favorite picture effects for different picture. If the pursuit of fast, you do not carry out effects settings, the software will default random effects.

Insert background music:

Download their favorite songs from the Internet, in the audio area click on the “+” button to add music to video. Click on “T”, the video can also add marquee.

Insert video, make video production more dynamic:

A powerful video production software, of course, is not limited to adding photos, music and other elements, this software also provides insert video capabilities, we can according to their preferences, will usually shot or the Internet to download the video insert which can be used as perfect interactive video titles can also be inserted directly through inter photo, achieve photo and video presentation.

You can download AllPepole video merger at Appstore:


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