How to combine several videos


The digital age has arrived, along with digital cameras and digital video cameras into millions of households, the average family can also like the director can shoot a video tour about family life and travel precious moments. In this way, our digital cameras which inevitably accumulate a large number of video clips and pictures, only organize these videos can possible release more space, to shoot more video. If several video clips to express the same theme, we can consider of combine these several video. After the merger, in addition to the future can easily view, you can also save some storage space. The video merge, using some non-linear editing software too cumbersome, bulky, difficult to get started, here’s a quick and easy method, using basic video merge software “My Merger”, quickly merge video clips.

  1. Download and install the appropriate video merger software

In order to achieve multiple video merging, we must use some video editing tools. “My Merger” video merging software provided by AllPepole, not only supports multiple video merging, but also achieves merger pictures and music. Just go to the AllPepole official website (, download a free trial version and install it. If you need a Mac version, you can also go APPStore:

2, into the video joiner interface, add video files

Open “My Merger”, you will see four areas. One of the areas is responsible for video preview. You can add it by clicking on the file, to achieve file preview. Another three were for videos, pictures and music, add different file types in different regions.

3, video merge

After the file addition was complete, click “Converter All”, video merge function can be realized. Video after the merger will automatically appear in the last section of the video addition area, click it to see the effect of the merger.

In addition, you can also add marquee for a video, the video basic settings. Is not very simple? Not only that, “My Merger” in the export format parameter settings humane, export video quality, video compatibility, the conversion speed is second to none, and I hope the video merge, and to achieve basic video editing friend, quickly try it.


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