Easy three steps help you free merge videos


In the face of online video editing software some good and some bad, I believe many beginners would ask this question: Which Video Joiner software is better? Video merger can be summarized as a video editing, so the general video editing software has this feature, but the professional video editing software of large volume, complicated operation, is really a headache. Copycat software features a single, and cannot guarantee. In this paper, based on this, today to introduce the integrated audio and video conversion software “My Merger”, which is a user-friendly operation, the converted video also can achieve high-definition picture quality, at the same time, it also provides a variety of other common video editing functions, such as add background music, add subtitles superimposed watermark, etc..

Step one, insert to merge video

The multiple video merger, click on the left side of the interface “add video” button, you can be a plurality of video with introduction, very convenient. Codec the built-in class, and make full use of the video codec system, the compatibility of the various formats are particularly good, so the video formats can be imported with.

Step two, the use of video editing functions

My Video Merger is not just a video with software, has various useful editing functions, such as video and text to love, superimposed watermark mark and so on, as well as to add background music and video, you need to add background music to the bottom right click the button to add audio interface, can also be an import an audio file.

Step three, to achieve the merger, the preview effect

Before the merger, to choose the file storage location, so that it’s easy to find after the merger. Click on the merger, after the merger will pop up a dialog box, suggesting that the merger has been completed, and preview the combined effect. It is more convenient to My Merger has own media player, no need to open other player to preview.

Free Download Video Merger at Mac APP Store:



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