what is involved with the film post production

video merger for mac
video merger for mac

Speaking of video merger, we will think of the funny videos come from the video merger, we will think, in fact, the film’s post-production will also involve video merge. More applications in our own lives, is to merge some of our own party movies or travel horizons. But only merge video is not enough, because here the sound will seem very messy, then we will think, can wo merge music with video at the same time, so that we can conceal the original sound messy, or you can record your own section audio, add to merge video files. Well, there is no such video merging software?

Now online software claims to be able to achieve this function is plethora, but the professional video editing software bulky and cumbersome to operate, very bothered; fool software, the effect very cottage. Abandon the complex operation of specialized software, and also the effect of high-quality video merge software is our most favorite. For the friends beginning of video editing in this area, find suitable video merge software is not easy. So here we recommend simple and practical merge software: video joiner provided by AllPepole: My Merger.

My Merger is a powerful tool for video file merging. You can put all the AVI, MPEG files quickly and easily combined into MP4 format; supports formats AVI, MPEG, MPEG2 formats; Support merge preview; high audio quality; support silent AVI files. Praised by users since the market!

AllPepole provide video merging software offers the following key features:

1, simple operation, approachable;

2, the use of advanced coding techniques;

3, high audio quality;

4, support for video, audio and pictures merge preview;

5, supports for multiple files simultaneously merge;

6, support for silent AVI files;

7, supports formats AVI, MPEG, MPEG2 format, support all formats merger;

8, a powerful video conversion function merge capabilities make impeccable;

9, support for video captioning

In summary, video joiner software AllPepole provided is not just video merge software, there is more very useful editing functions. The use of video merge software, you can achieve more while merging video segments, add favorite text to video, video dubbing, to complement the picture of the way the video screen, more features that you believe there will be more in use Multi-discovery. Video joiner for Mac Version Download:



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