Three steps to creat a new video

Want to combine many separate video clips you collected for video DVD burning & DIY video production. AllPepole video joiner is a free application; own easy interface and powerful joining features make the multimedia sharing & distribution easier ever. You can join a wide range of file types, from MPEG, AVI and Windows Media Files to Real Media Files.

video joiner

The application is easy to install and even easier to use. The intuitive interface allows you to add the desired files, arrange them in any order you like and join them. The process doesn’t take as much as you would expect, actually smaller video files are joined in just a few seconds. After the merging process is done, you can launch the file right away with the program’s Play button. Creating a new video, you just need three steps to do.

First, you should add media files to joining list. By “Add files” button, you can activate a browser window to find and input the video files to be merged. You can add videos of the same or different formats. The detailed information of the added files can be viewed. You can click” Remove the selected items “to remove selected file from the list; or use “Clear all selected” to remove all listed files. You can double click the selected file or click “Play” button to play the selected file with the media player in your system. AllPepole video merger can combine video, audio and picture, after you select the files, you can choose the merge order, video is first or picture first is all depend of you.

Second, do output settings and quality adjustment. Select a location to store the output files. We just provide only one output formats, MP4. Now, all the video player support, so you don’t worry about the output video can’t be play at other players. The most unique feature of AllPepole video merger is you can add subtitles for your video. Click the “T” button, you can input the words you want to add into it.

At last, finish the video combine. After you hit “Merge All” button, the program will immediately perform the joining. You can view some progress information as well as a process bar. During the progress, you may click “Cancel” to stop the conversion. There are also post process options to play a sound to remind you/shutdown the computer when the merging is finished.

Download AllPepole video joiner right now and learn how to join videos into one. You can go to You can see it at AppStore:


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